"Shara" Her Song (2014)


Ani Kol score - from Shara Composition


"Shara" - Hebrew for Her Song was commissioned by the Jerusalem Season Of Culture - a piece for hundreds of female voices and ensembles, to be performed outdoors, on the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem.
The texts for this piece, in Hebrew Arabic and English, are a selection of excellent poems and prose written by female poets from around the world, edited and collected in collaboration with Jerusalem-based poet Dorit Weissman - the poets inclue Rita Odeh, Mary Olivier, Esther Raab and Dorit Weissman.

A version  of the piece has been performed  in Mishkenot Sha'ananim music center in Jerusalem 2014 .including 40 voices, Tuba, French horn, Percussion and Piano. The full version is yet to be performed.

Score samples: Ani_Kol.pdf