Boom - Palais de Tokyo (2014)
Boom - Palais de Tokyo (2014)
Boom - Palais de Tokyo (2014)

Piano, voice, video and electronics

Boom explores space through airwaves, materializing sound, coming from the notion that music is movement of air in space. The performance is a multi-sensual experience. Using piano, voice and electronics, Boom takes the audience on a ride into Dunietz's abstract dream.


Video , Sound and Music by Maya Dunietz and Daniel Meir

From the press - article by Yoav Peri:

"Maya Dunietz’s performance is a hypnotic journey, hard to tear you eyes or ears away. A dark classroom, an image of Dunietz standing is projected on the stage. This is already impressive: it’s not a hologram, or some state-of-the-art technology, just a straightforward and unfiltered video projection of a life size woman on a black background. Then the real Dunietz enters the stage wearing clothes identical to those of her projected image, and merges into herself. At the moments before this fusion I could predict what it wouldlook like, yet it still felt magical: A flat figure made of light blown up into three dimensions, as in a passive dress up.
This magic is sustained, even amplified throughout the performance. It starts out with soft, pleasant singing. Dunietz stands front stage like a casual diva singing, at times leading, at times following herself, moving between flight and pursuit in what seems to be half-chase half-dance. Like her, I find myself trying to capture the moments of her union with the projected image, but it’s illusive and fluid. This reminds me of the sand on the beach closest to the sea: sand saturated with water, after pressing your hand into the sand, you can see its molded shape for a split second, before it melts back into the ground. It reminds me of a painting of which you have a profound memory, or a clear recognition after only a short glimpse."

Maya Dunietz - Live at Palais de Tokyo