The Givol Choir was an experimental vocal ensemble created by Dunietz in order to explore the boundaries of human vocals and the limits of art genres, stemming from the notion that Music is matter, air moving in space.

The group studied and explored with their own bodies and voices the possibilities of using of different spaces, and searched for new ways to create music in a group. The ensemble studied the effects of group singing on the group itself – as a collection of distinct individuals, as well as the influence of the individual and his singing, on the group. The ensemble also performed a selection of original pieces, written by Dunietz and other Israeli composers. The ensemble created site-specific art installations, challenging traditional conventions in the world of music, poetry and art.

Unlike conventional choirs, Giv'ol emphasized the diversity in its members voices, rather than taming them into a uniform color and tone.

In its first season (2003-04) the choir performed pieces by Bela Bartok, Felix Mendelssohn, alongside pieces by Dunietz and Michal Openheim, cofounder of the choir. It included commissioned pieces by composers Keren Rosenbaum (Reflex Ensemble) and Tal Hefter, as well as pieces based on improvisation written by the choir collectively.  In 2008, the choir collaborated with the renowned artist David Moss (Germany-USA) on a special site specific project in old Tel Aviv.

Giv’ol Choir was supported by The Israel lottery Council, Rabinovich Foundation and Tel Aviv municipality.

List of works:

Nimnim, 2005, Givol Choir
Kabab, 2006, Givol Choir
Overture, 2006, Givol Choir

Giv’ol Choir with David Moss, Beit Haamudim, Nachalat Binyamin, 2008

Givol at Pecha Kucha