Chikos (2009)
Chikos (2009)
Chikos (2009)

Sound-performance for 2 performers, piano, cello and electronics

Chikos is a musical-theatrical composition featuring two sexy performers, actress Efrat Aviv & dancer Ariel Cohen, and a system of wireless mini-speakers that were specially hacked and customized so they can that fit in the performers' mouths.

The starting point for the piece were the two metaphors "don't put words in my mouth" and "you took the words out of my mouth"; metaphors that thanks to the new technology we use, can be realized in a very physical manner to an almost-ad-absurdum extent, creating a rather eerie effect.

The composition is thus dictated by the possibilities enveloped in the meeting point of two axes: body vs. sound on one hand and scripted vs. improvised musical & performative material on the other. In the bio-technological environment it creates, the piece offers a discussion around issues such as gender, violence, physicality, competition, fetishism, militarism and singularity (among others). And it's also an opportunity to have fun.

Chikos premiered in October 2009, at the 21st century contemporary music Ensemble's Festival for music and performing arts, Jaffa.

By Ariel Efraim Ashbel & Maya Dunietz
With: Efrat Aviv & Ariel Cohen
Sound & computer operation: Giori Politi
Speakers construction: Guy Lantzut & Yair Reshef


AKA Performance Squad - Chikos (the end)