Kebab version II (2012)

A special arrangement for an international choir created for the International Conference for Performance at the school of visual theatre in Jerusalem.

Kebab 2012 is a performance in which the audience is not only watching, but performs. It is not possible to spectate this performative event, but only to experience it through personal involvement.

A Phonetic vocal piece, Kebab is written on huge cardboards. The crowd is on stage and the artist Maya Dunietz is located in the audience area. The artist holds the boards in front of the audience on stage and the audience reads the marks on each page at their own pace. The crowd becomes a large choir consisting of a hundred individuals. This piece makes use of consonants, vowels, ticks, and other means. All that is required from the choir is to read, according to their interpretation, what is written on the boards.

When the audience reaches the part where there are no more boards left,  the artist Maya Dunietz and a guest artist sing a ‘Yoiik’ (a Sami chant), a recreation of a sweet memory from New York City.

The work allows for a wide range of people, from different cultures and countries, to create together artistic material. Since the piece is constructed so that it explains itself and requires no rehearsals or preparations in advance, it calls upon anyone, anywhere, to take part.