Air Sculpture 1 (2013)
Air Sculpture 1 (2013)
Air Sculpture 1 (2013)

sound installation for voices, speakers and recorded materials presented at Arnolifini, Centre for Contemporary Arts in Bristol, UK Nov-Dec 2013.

Air Sculputre1 is made of a 6 speakers set up forming a sculpture that plays with human spatial perception through sound.

The visitors come into a dark space with some seats placed around it. They are exposed to a 60 minute soundtrack that takes them on a trip on roads in-between places, constantly playing with the visitor's auditory perception of space. The darkness of the room enhances one's attempt to define the dimensions of the physical space through our ears and brain. The space in which this piece occurs is actually inside listener's head.

The piece is based on movements of air through the delicate hairy hearing system in our ears. This air beating information is then processed in our brain, which in turn creates a three-dimensional model of our surrounding. This is a survival mechanism, crucial for our ability to operate freely and safely in our environment. Millions of evolutionary connections between what we hear and where we are have been imprinted in our memory banks. AirSculpture1 directly communicates with this "auditory GPS", placed between the ears and the brain, thus creating a new, pulsing, ever-changing space.

The raw materials used in this work consist of field recordings made in France, Morocco and Israel, by Maya Dunietz and Ghedalia Tazartes. Through a unique frequency manipulation of the raw materials into 6 time-layers, Maya Dunietz delivers an architectural, geographical narrative, of a space that is constantly moving. Lighting design for this piece will be produced in collaboration with Jackie Shemesh.

This project is supported by Outset.

Curator: Alastair Cameron

Technical information:
Room size min 7*7 meters and up, proportions can vary
Minimum ceiling height 3 meter